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Alexandra Rutkay is a fine artist and professional makeup artist in New York City. Alexandra's experience and portfolio is versatile and her experience within the industry is well rounded. Having worked for a number of years in the fashion world doing red carpet events, in the tents for NYFW, on editorial spreads, and for Presidents, and Royalty, ; As a domestic and international brand ambassador and brand support for QVC USA and Germany, providing corporate packaging design and makeup direction for international marketing campaigns; Running the makeup department for one of  New York's busiest morning shows, and working as a key part of award winning makeup teams for hit shows such as Mr. Robot and The Affair,  on feature films, or doing Press or Commercial work, Alex's wide range of experience lends to her adaptability, flexibility and ability to meet any challenge within her profession with confidence and ease. 





• UNTITLED BELLEVUE PROJECT, Pilot, Key Makeup, Director Kate Dennis

• SUMMERTIME, Key Makeup, Director: Ed Burns

• MR. ROBOT S2 Key Makeup, Director: Sam Esmail, Cast: Rami Malek, Christian Slater

•LAND OF STEADY HABITS- Key Makeup, Director: Nicole Holofcner, Cast: Edie Falco, Ben Mendelssohn

•UNIVERSAL LOVE - NY Department Head, Director, Thomas Woschitz.

•PATH OF MOST RESISTANCE reshoots and stills, Department Head, Director, Peter Kelley 


•FORD/GOTHAM 2017 Commercial, Key Makeup

• GOOD DAY NEW YORK, Department Head, Cast: Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly

•NIVEA COMMERCIAL Goodbye Cellulite- Department Head

•MEDIA 3 LTD Liveshot Studio- Department Head

•HDNET Dan Rather Reports, Personal for Dan Rather

•ANTM S11- Personal Makeup Artist for Drew Elliot and Stacey MacKenzie

•THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW, Key Makeup, Makeup Artist

•BRAVO Summer House S1, Key Makeup

•SEVEN SECONDS , Makeup Artist

•STYLE CODE LIVE, Makeup Artist

•HARRY SHOW, Makeup Artist

•THE PATH S2, Makeup Artist

•BLUE BLOODS S7, Makeup Artist

•GOTHAM S1, S2, S3, Makeup Artist

•BILLIONS S1, S2, S3, Makeup Artist

•BULL S1, Makeup Artist

•Darjeeling Limited NY Pressers, Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson

•SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT S1, Spike Lee, Makeup Artist


•GYPSY S1, Makeup Artist

•ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK S5, S6, S7, Makeup Artist

• MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL Amazon Pilot, Makeup Artist

•THE AFFAIR S2- Makeup Artist

•NBC pilot DRAMA HIGH, Makeup Artist

•ODD MOM OUT, Makeup Artist


•THE GOOD FIGHT, Makeup Artist

Additional networks I've worked with:

NBC, ABC, FNC, MSNBC, BRAVO, OWN, yes network, QVC, CBS, CNN, BET, WE TV, QVC Germany, QVC Toronto, Bloomberg, Reuters, YAHOO, AOL/HUFF POST, StyleCaster